Spice up your sex life with Sex Toys.

Welcome to your destination for pleasure. Oplondon.co.uk started a sex toy revolution when we introduced the Rampant Rabbit to our raunchy ladies. You ready to make use of the hours you have with our adventurous ladies. Start her off easy with a mini Vibrator, perfect for first-timers and just what you need to get her going. With her knickers still on it fit easily in your hand so you can curve it against her body to hit the right spot. Taking it in turns she can get satisfaction watching and helping you when she introduces the Fleshlight, exciting and realistic experience. The Fleshlight has an internal canal to make it feel skin-soft just like the inside of her, which will feel so natural and pleasurable you’ll swear it’s just like the real thing!  Playing solo or together why not help our Oplondon.co.uk lady to enjoy simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation as the Rampant Rabbit works her up and takes her away. Seems overwhelming? The Rampant Rabbit may bring her a quivering orgasm and once the dust has settled and the sheets are unclenched again she can move on to you. We believe that we can hit the spot every time, so whilst she turns up the heat you can browse her latest mind blowing Sex Toys. If you feel like you’re serving the same boring meals over and over again maybe it is time to shake things up a bit. Oplondon.co.uk is your spice rack. Pick a new spicy pleasing toy, we offer a Basil and Bay leaf Butt Plug to get your flavour started, opening up your taste buds to a whole new experience. Not quite the spice you were looking for?….How about our All-spice Anal beads, the game changer. Finish your meal off with a Cinnamon or coriander Cock ring. You’re guaranteed to be coming again and again. Spice up your sex life, get satisfaction. Call us at Oplondon.co.uk on 07494818160, to find out how spicy you are. Live for the moment with your Sex Toys.

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